David-HawkDavid G. Hawk

Known internationally for his bodybuilding titles, advice columns and makeover programs, Dave Hawk is no stranger to setting and achieving goals, while leading others to reach their potential. Over his decades-long career, he’s trained numerous professional athletes and everyday gymgoers, while providing fitness and nutrition expertise to more than 20 million enthusiasts in major consumer magazines. Dave’s vast experience in the fitness realm, combined with his endless energy and optimism, have helped him motivate and inspire Olympic athletes, NASCAR crews, high-school football teams, aging populations, champion physique athletes and others seeking to attain their personal goals.

With an impressive career that spans more than 35 years, Dave believes that maintaining life balance while sticking to a set goal will always lead to personal and spiritual success. His proven formula and positive mindset resonate through multiple media platforms, whether online, in print or on screen. No matter his role—as mentor, trainer, coach, agent, manager, or consultant—Dave’s innovative approach garners results, and has earned him a loyal following around the world.


  • Leadership & Global Industry Experience
  • Product Innovation, Research & Development
  • Established Partnerships with U.S and International Ingredient Suppliers and Co-Manufacturers
  • Product Retail Packaging
  • Established Distribution including Specialty, Web Consumer Direct, Wholesale Suppliers, Retail
  • Food/Drug/Mass Markets
  • Marketing, Advertising, Co-Branding, Education & Communication

All services needed by a Company, Brand or Supplier to achieve success within the Sports Nutrition and Wellness Markets.